Choosing a company to destroy your data and provide computer recycling isn’t an easy option. Although we are mainly free of charge, price isn’t always the main concern!

We aim to provide an all round top security service:

  • Each collection is well planned and we inform each customer not to hand over their IT Equipment unless our member of staff has provided their ID badge
  • The use of pallet / logistic companies is forbidden
  • We have paid a heavy price to have a custom made tracking device fitted into each vehicle we own. Each allows us to know where each vehicle is at every all times and has advanced details such as the drivers driving manner at the time
  • When your equipment is unloaded at our site on the same day, it is labelled up to prevent confusion and it is stacked in a unique cage
  • We have sections of the warehouse for collections at different stages such as awaiting processing, processed and refurbished
  • Whatever you have holding data, it won’t be any more on leaving our site
  • Full data destruction reports are provided to customers so that they know exactly what has been destroyed and what has been wiped

Access door control systems have just been fitted:

  • The moment the alarm is activated, security are made aware
  • We have a security guard monitoring the CCTV Cameras throughout the site
  • Customers have to make prior arrangements before they can have access to the site
  • Fire exits, side doors, main entrances and the goods in/out locations are monitored carefully
  • Should an intruder try to enter through the metal cladding walls as night, they will find out we have motion sensors in place
  • Night vision cameras are in use
  • If you ever decide that you need all the serial numbers or asset tags from all that equipment you recently disposed of using computer recycling Leeds, we always keep them on file