PC Recycling Liverpool

PC Recycling Liverpool: Your local PC recycling service covering Liverpool and surrounding areas

PC Recycling Liverpool is provided to over 100 organisations every month in the Liverpool area including IT Support companies, businesses, schools, colleges, universities, offices, warehouses etc.

PC Desktop Units, Laptops, Servers, Notebooks, Photocopiers, Rack Mount cabinets, Laser & inkjet printers etc are all collected with this service, free of charge! All you need is ten of these items to be eligible for a collection.

If you are enquiring from an IT support company, there are many benefits PC Recycling Liverpool can offer you. Instead of you removing all computer / pc waste from your customers’ sites regularly in small vehicles and paying for each disposal, just get in touch with Computer Recycling Liverpool. Not only will you be collecting it, you will be wasting a lot of time, which you would be spending on your main line of business – IT Support!

We can collect from your customers regularly and provide each customer with a unique set of documents including a waste transfer note, hazardous waste consignment note, data destruction certificate and an asset report. If you need a copy of these documents, just get in touch and we’ll provide them for you.

You can also drop PC Computer waste off at your local Liverpool depot which is available on 0151 909 4049 !

PC Recycling Liverpool’s site is registered as a secure storage place for WEEE and is also licensed with a T11 permit which allows us to refurbish / repair IT Equipment. If you need to see examples of T11 records kept, please get in touch.

Representatives are also invited to visit the disposal site prior to each PC Recycling Liverpool collection. If you are a big company, you want to know where your data is securely being destroyed so you are welcome to visit. Please just get in touch to arrange.

You can get in touch with PC Recycling Liverpool on the phone or email.