When choosing a computer recycling company in Liverpool, be sure to check their licenses and documentation is legit. We have had many companies coming to us whom were fooled in the past.

You should legally keep records of all waste leaving your site, whether it be hazardous or non-hazardous but to save you the hassle, we do that for you.

Contact us for copies of the below.

Certificates which you’ll receive / which we have:

  1. Waste Transfer Documentation
  2. Hazardous Waste Consignment Note Documentation
  3. Data Destruction Results Certificate
  4. Asset Report
  5. 9001 ISO UKAS Certificate
  6. 14001 ISO UKAS Certificate
  7. 27001 ISO UKAS Certificate
  8. CHAS – Health & Safety


Licenses which we have from the Environment Agency:

  1. Waste Carriers Licence
  2. S2 – Storage of Waste in a Secure Place
  3. Hazardous Waste Premises Licence
  4. T11 Exemption (site permit)