IT Recycling Liverpool

IT Recycling Liverpool: Your local computer recycling service covering Liverpool and surrounding areas

IT Recycling Liverpool involves computer recycling Liverpool coming to your site to collect your redundant IT Equipment and then recycling it with the WEEE Regs in mind.

There are 3 main types of service provision – your collections can be contractual, one off or regular. For regular and contractual, we can provide many storage units to allow easy storage of IT waste before your IT Recycling Liverpool collection.

The IT Recycling Liverpool service is devoted to the environment –

  1. All materials are split up into various recyclable directions instead of being thrown in the same one. E.G. Cables, Batteries, Typical Metals, General waste, Paper/cardboard etc.
  2. Literally nothing collected goes to landfill
  3. We comply with the waste hierarchy and re-use / recycle as much as possible instead of disposing of. We have qualified technicians and PAT testers onsite
  4. All heating is as efficient as possible
  5. All bulbs used in the office are environmentally friendly
  6. All consumables are refilled or recycled


An E.G. of a recent IT Recycling Liverpool collection:

A service manager at a large high school above Liverpool centre had just managed an IT asset changeover which they had required for a long time. The computer equipment by now was completely out of date and obsolete. It certainly was – the waster hierarchy played no part in the disposal as all computers were over 10 years old and were used in conjunction with CRT monitors.

They needed the whole lot collecting quickly before the Christmas holidays. As it was a college, there wasn’t any important data on the hard drives so onsite data destruction wasn’t required. Neither did the customer need an asset report. The customer was very pleased with the IT Recycling Liverpool service as we were able to get everything collected within a day, free of charge. Due to our efficient service, all documentation was emailed over within the 2 week period as standard.