Computer Recycling Liverpool

Computer Recycling Liverpool: Your local computer recycling service covering Liverpool and surrounding areas

Computer Recycling Liverpool is a service we provide to all market sectors in the Liverpool area. It allows all data centres, commercial customers and Domestic customers to recycle IT Equipment easily without and hassle. Computers, Printers, Servers, Accessories, Laptops, Batteries, Displays, Monitors etc can all be collected from these main Liverpool areas and more: Birkenhead, Rock Ferry, New Ferry, Bromborough Pool, Bebington, Spital, Eastham, Hooton, Ellesmere, Edge Hill, Mossley Hill, Walton, Orrell, Litherland, Crosby, Hightown, Altcar, Prescot, Knowsley Park, Lunts Heath, Liverpool city centre etc.

One of the main benefits of using computer recycling Liverpool is the free offsite data destruction you receive. All your hard drives will be crushed using our 10 tonne EDR hard drive crusher providing they are no good for re-use or they are completely obsolete being less than 20GB in size. Our new data wiping facility holds more than 30 systems now and is continually wiping hard drives of all types including SAS, SCSI, IDE, Fibre channel, 3.5” and 2.5”. Shredding is best for CDs, DVDs and media tapes and they take seconds to shred. Degaussing basically uses a magnet to scrub all magnetic media and renders it completely useless.

All these data destruction methods can be operated onsite as we understand many organisations have policies in place that prevent data baring devices from leaving the site without being destroyed, however there may be a small charge when using computer recycling Liverpool for this. The charge always depends on what you need destroying and where you are based. Remember, we may need to use your electricity for some destruction methods such as the EDR crusher. This is portable though and can be operated wherever you like in your site. It does however produce quite a bit of noise so it can be operated during the weekends etc

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