Computer Disposal Liverpool

Computer Disposal Liverpool: Your local computer disposal service covering Liverpool and surrounding areas

Computer disposal Liverpool is a new service provided by computer recycling Liverpool.

Duty of care is something all organisations, businesses and schools need to comply with when disposing of computer waste. You need to be confident your IT waste is going to the correct place when you choose a computer recycling company to take your WEEE away. There have been many incidents on the news recently, where companies have been slack with their computer recycling and chosen a service provider poorly who then hasn’t complied with the WEEE regulations. The environment agency will prosecute all parties down the line who haven’t complied with their duty of care.

At computer disposal Liverpool, we do our upmost to help you comply with your legal responsibilities under the waste hierarchy, the WEEE regulations and the data protection act. We are experts at helping the Liverpool community comply with their waste hierarchy responsibilities. The waste hierarchy suggests that all companies and organisations should give priority to fixing / repairing and re-using instead of just throwing away and replacing. If you were to fix and repair all IT Equipment, it is very time consuming and often creates another job which isn’t viable in all circumstances and we know this. That is why computer disposal Liverpool does it for you. All computer equipment we collect, gets considered for re-use and refurbishment before anything else. All IT Equipment that is fixable / re-useable is repaired and refurbished by our qualified team of IT Technicians. Each has a good background in this field. Computer disposal Liverpool also has PAT Testing technicians running over everything to confirm it is stable for re-use.  We keep records for our T11 exemption, stating what has been fixed and where it has gone. Each item is given its own unique asset tag so it is traceable.

Computer disposal Liverpool can report back to each customer updating them of the status of their disposal. Our T11 exemption allows us to refurbish / recycle and dispose of all WEEE that is IT related including toners, computers, printers, monitors, displays, servers and accessories.

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